The Key to an Efficient Warehouse

A warehouse that operates efficiently increases flexibility, provides excellent inventory management, and lowers material handling costs. The productivity remains high, items are shipped out promptly, and deliveries are placed in the appropriate place. Since the warehouse is the backbone of any retail or shipping business, efficiency is the goal. The key to warehouse efficiency is the selection, and proper installation, of pallet rack systems. There are several systems to meet any need, and accommodate any warehouse configuration. Knowing the difference between systems helps determine which ones will suit the specific business need.

The most common of all Warehouse pallet rack systems is the selective pallet rack system. This system is cost-effective, versatile, and provides direct access to each pallet. That makes moving inventory in and out, as well as around the warehouse, quick and easy. It is also ideal for simple stock management. Drive-in pallet rack systems are another option.


They are ideal for warehouses that handle inventory on a first in, first out (FIFO) basis. The delivery bay is accessible from each end to ensure inventory leaves the warehouse in the proper order. Racks are moved forward once they are filled with pallets. When it is time to move inventory, the rack at the front of the outgoing side of the bay will be the correct one to go out. The system ensures that time-sensitive inventory does not linger in the warehouse. Other systems include push back, pallet flow, cantilever and automated systems.

Experienced companies that supply and install rack systems have knowledgeable staff to help warehouse managers select the right system, or systems, to suit the needs, size, and inventory management system preferred. If budgetary constraints are an issue, used pallet systems are available. Many warehouses that have closed down, relocated, or remodeled their system sell rack systems that are in excellent condition. The pricing is low, but the quality is high. Check with staff and sales representatives to determine if used systems will suit unique needs and budgets. Systems can be shipped out, and installed locally for businesses across the country. Those in the immediate area can arrange to have systems delivered and installed when ordering online.



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